Sub-humane temperatures

At least it's pretty...

I don’t want to get into the habit of commenting on the weather every single post but it’s been a real in your face weather week! Today I learned that -40 is the same in celsius and fahrenheit!  Although I like learning new things I take little joy from the reality of this nugget!  And thus I took my chilly bones to the gym.

For this round of marathon training I’m following Hal Higdon’s “Marathon 3” plan.  3 as in the number of running days each week (+ 2 cross trains).  Admittedly I’m only one week in but so far I like it!  Like really like it.  Last year at this time I started training for my first marathon basing my training on the easiest plan I could find for free on the internet.  I know!  Brilliant!  Ha!  What I’ve learned from my experiences over this past year (training for my first marathon, completing my first marathon, hating running for a good while after completing my first marathon, falling back in love with running) is that I don’t actually want an easy plan but a varied plan.   I am just one of those people who do better on less running.  Not to mention when I’m adding other activities (swimming primarily but also some irregular strength training, cycling and random goodies) I feel so much stronger.

So obviously I will let you know if the novelty of this plan starts to wear thin.  But for now put me in coach I’m ready to play!

On the docket today was a 30 minute tempo run.  I have never consciously run a tempo run of any definition.  To Ol’Higgy (Oh, don’t you call Hal Hidgon Higgy?  I guess it’s only close friends who do that.) a tempo run is as follows: “you start easy, then gradually accelerate to near 10-K pace halfway through the workout. Hold that pace for five minutes or more, then gradually slow down.

This run felt AH-MA-ZING!  Maybe it was the fact that I was wearing shorts.  Or that the only treadmill free was the deluxe one.  Or maybe it’s just a sweet template for a run! Regardless, my mp3 player was totally in on the joke (I use the shuffle function.  Playlist?  I don’t know how to make one of those.) and sang me such gems as Bryan Adams’ Never be Another Tonight, Amy Winehouse’s Rehab, Reef’s Place Your Hands.  And then, for the last 4 minutes or so Queen’s Somebody to Love!  Ahhhhh!  This song was a dream come true! I may or may not have been mouthing the words and dancing with my hands.  People on the treadmills next to mine may or may not have been looking at me out of the corner of their amused eyes.  It was all I could do to keep myself from throwing my arms up in the air (you know, like I was breaking a ribbon at a finish line.  This is the closest I’ve will come to that experience) and running with total reckless abandon for the last few triumphant bars of the song.  No, that kind of behaviour is more suited to outdoor running where if need be onlookers can simply turn around and walk away from me.  For realz though!  It felt great and I’ve been bouncy and pleasant all day.  Thanks Higgy!

The only downside to today’s magical tempo run was that I didn’t get to share it with my canine life partner Mister Biscuit.  I hope he enjoyed his nap.  To make up for it I bought him booties and treats.  He likes the treats better then the booties.

This is Mister Biscuit in his shabby old booties and mismatched sweater. He is not a fashion dog.

P.S. tomorrow I’ll be resting so..  Come back Saturday to find out how my long run goes!


4 Comments on “Sub-humane temperatures”

  1. I live in Florida. It was 75 degrees today. I would die if I ran where you live. You have my utmost respect.

    • merrython says:

      Ahhhh! 75F is pretty well the perfect temperature! I respect that you’re clever enough to live somewhere so lovely! I have fond memories of visiting my Granny in Florida as a young child..
      Thank you for commenting (my very fist)!!

  2. DrRachelRuns says:

    I love the idea of calling horrible temperatures “sub-humane”. I’m totally going to adopt that now. It just isn’t kind to subject oneself to anything in the single digits Fahrenheit. Also, your canine life partner is adorable. My canine life partner thinks he’s cute.

    • merrython says:

      Mister Biscuit is totally blushing right now! He and I just scrolled through your blog to try and find a photo of your pup (he’s a little superficial like that) but I kept stopping to read interesting bits..
      What a race schedule for 2012! I look forward to reading your recaps!

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