The Long and Sick of it

Hello ducklings!

Sorry for my absence.  I’ve been off sick!  It was unpleasant but it was not obscene.  Just a normal cold.  My plan of attack when sick is always to rest intensely, take little to few drugs and let the thing run it’s course.  So that’s what I did and I didn’t tell any of you about it.  I know, boo-effing-hoo!

This is a game called ShakeyFace. It is also how I feel when I'm sick.

I did, however manage to get a few runs in on either end of this ugly bout of snot!

Before my long run on Sunday I was going through my training plan, getting organized and realized that  awww ma-an I messed up my scheduling and was on track to run a phantom marathon the week after the marathon I plan to run.  D’oh! (And by the way, don’t act too surprised, this is just typical, typical Merry.)  Soooo, after due thought I decided the best thing would be to squish 2 weeks into 1 week.  Actually it’s more like 3 weeks into 2..And being sick has prevented me from actually getting in all my planned workouts..But whatever, I don’t imagine you’re too worried about it.  I’m not.  The point is that instead of running 5 miles with sandwich baggies for lungs I upped it to 8.  And all things considered, it felt pretty good!


And then I felt the sickness settle in and stayed pretty damn vertical for the next 3 days before Mister Biscuit and I threw down 5 miles.  5 slow miles that involved slightly more mouth breathing than usual.  I liked this run because it was mostly fueled by gritty mind-grit (I think they call that mental toughness).  Mister Biscuit liked this run because he got to see the Pomeranians 3 whole times!

Did someone say Pomeranians? Thank goodness I'm in my bow tie!

My dog doesn’t usually wear a bow tie.  It was a special occasion. Just, you know, fyi.

So today I will swim.  I’m diving in sans agenda and am just going to do as much as feels nice.  And then probably 2 more laps.  And then I will stop.


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