4 Frigid Miles

Yesterday I ran a fah-reeeeeezing 4 miles!  The temperature was roughly -25C (or -15F) + the windchill.  Gaahhhh!  I think many North Americans are enjoying some rather lovely winter temperatures  (lovely when you force yourself not to think that it’s likely global warming tipping the mercury).  We here in my typically blustery city have had days that are a whole 20 degrees above the norm’.  And thus, weather wise, I have become soft!  This weeks marks are first real cold snap and it was a shock.  I know it’s only a matter of time and acclimation before all is well again but till then would somebody please put my magic bag in the microwave for me?  Thanks!

You know who else didn’t love running in yesterday’s weather?

Mister Biscuit

This guy.

Oh..  and just so you know..  Today is a rest day (!!) so I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about my 30 minute tempo run.