I swam a mile this afternoon.  It took me 45-50 minutes.  Sometimes my knee can bother me during a swim the day after a long or hard run but no trouble today.  Hooray!  I am pretty ignorant about swim workouts.  Today I just started out slow then built up to an intense 10 laps in the middle (of 36 total laps) and gradually slowed down after.

My biggest problem with swimming?  What the effing chlorine does to my skin!  I already live in one cold & dry city, add an hour in a chemical dip and my skin protests!  I combat this as best I can by slathering an oil rich salve (calendula ointment) on my face pre and post swim but it just barely keeps things under control.  In my early 20’s I vainly quit swimming because it made my skin splotchy and my blonde dye job greenish.  Sheesh!  Nowadays I’d rather be brunette and a little dry (even mildly blotchy) if it means regular swim time!  Funny how these things change.